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Tag Archives for " Marketing "

Guestblog : What makes good copy?

As a marketing copywriter I often get asked what it is that makes ‘good copy.’ Of course, as with any discipline, the answer is multifaceted but there are definitely some do’s and don’ts when

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Reading – Z pattern & F pattern eyeflow

Where to put the most important information when designing your marketing materials Before you create any marketing piece, you have to decide your Most Wanted Response (MWR). Do you want people to pick

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There is a classic marketing acronym – AIDA. It stands for: Attention Interest Desire Action Think of it this way. You grab attention by being unique. Create interest by highlighting the

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Secrets of writing a compelling headline

Headlines account for 80-90% of results. They are the first thing to catch the eye when skim-reading, and – in emails – can affect whether your message is read or deleted. I recently assessed the

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Writing to stakeholders: a different kind of sell?

Anyone who has worked in sales knows that features are what something is, whereas benefits are what it does for you. And that’s easy to incorporate when you’re writing about your product or service.

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Slogans are more important than you think

I used to think no-one ever bought anything because of a slogan. But they really do help when it isn’t clear what you do from your business name. When slogans go wrong I didn’t write these slogans.

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Copywriting with added spice

This year I have become addicted to information products. It’s Graham Hunt’s fault. I find it so much easier to live with myself when I know who to blame for my addictions… Graham lead

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